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Celebration of Life

No two people are alike… and no two services should be alike.

We believe in taking your memories of a person you love, and from that, guiding you in selecting a tribute to them that celebrates their unique qualities and is meaningful to your family.

  • Getting creative with flowers, displays, or music.
  • Finding a site for a service that just seems right, like bringing a lifelong farmer home to his backyard for a service.
  • Spending time with the children in the family to help them understand what they’re seeing.
  • Listening to what families say, and giving them choices beyond the “usual” or expected.

Funeral Services

Celebrations of Life with Burial, Entombment or Cremation

Helping families Celebrate a Life Lived is the most important service we provide to your family, relatives and supporting friends. There are many ways to personalize the Celebration to reflect the uniqueness of our loved ones. Choices vary from the Rite of the Christian Burial to One Last Party™. Whether we host the Celebration within our facilities, at a church, park or any other suitable venue of your choosing – we can help you plan a meaningful event that reflects both your wishes and the lifestyle of your loved one.

Cremation Services

Celebration of Life with Cremation

Cremation, like burial or entombment, is a form of final disposition. The cremation process reduces the body to its basic elements – which are referred to as Cremains. Most families choose to have a Celebration of Life with a visitation, gathering or memorial reception followed by the actual cremation. An alternative is to have the body cremated prior to the Celebration of Life. Families then have several choices for the next step in the cremation disposition process that range from keeping the Urn that the cremains are placed in at the family’s home – to scattering at a place of endearment to the deceased – to burying the Urn in a family plot within a cemetery – to placing the Urn within a columbarium at a cemetery, church or other place of memorialization. Our associates can help you decide which method best suits your needs and wishes.

Personalized Services

Customized to fit your family's wishes

With any Celebration of Life and final disposition you choose – our associates can help you customize and personalize the event with a variety of memorialization options that reflect the uniqueness of the life you are celebrating. We will be happy to share examples of the personalization variations available to your family through our funeral home.


Scott & Connie,
Words cannot express our forever gratitude in what you both did for all of us.  Thank you so much.
I want to thank you once again for the superb professional funeral arrangements for my mother.  We were so pleased and felt our needs were anticipated and provided.
Thank you for all your help with the funeral arrangements.  You made what was difficult as easy as it could be to put together.  We are so grateful for your help and expertise!
Thank you for all that you did to make my mom look so nice and comfortable for her service. I was so touched by how nice she looked yesterday at her service compared to the last time I saw her. Your facility is very warm and soothing and your staff was very compassionate.
Scott and Connie,
We just want to say "Thank you" for being so professional and organized for Mom's funeral.  As you know, this is a difficult time for us but it was so nice to know the funeral was handled.  Thanks again.